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Complaints policy

How to make a complaint

If you have a complaint or query, we suggest that you speak to a member of the Committee who may be able to resolve the matter speedily.


What will we do to investigate?

We will investigate your complaint fairly by discussing your complaint with relative parties and gathering all relevant information to assist in complaint resolution.


How will you know what is happening?

You will be given an update on the progress of your complaint within two weeks. If there are unfortunate delays in handling your complaint for any reason, we will keep you informed.


What are the possible outcomes or results of your complaint?

In many cases we are able to resolve problems informally. This may include:

  • A change in arrangements for particular activities
  • An explanation or apology
  • An agreement to communicate or act differently in future
    • If an informal resolution is not achievable, the Committee will review the case. If a Committee member is involved in the complaint, they will not be part of this process.
    • They may decide to take one or more of the following actions:
      • Formal disciplinary action under the rules of the Club
      • Changes to the formal contracts or arrangements put in place by the Club
      • A decision to refer the matter to another agency such as the LTA. Police or Social Services
      • Closure of your complaint without action

Is there anyone else I can talk to?

The LTA is available to advise on a range of different complaints and in some cases will handle the complaint directly. If you are worried about a child’s welfare you can contact the following people:

  • The Child Protection Officer at the County LTA
  • The National LTA Child Protection Department (24 hrs)
  • Childline or the NSPCC advice line
  • Local Social Services or the Police


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